Shisha tobacco flavours

TAIGA International has created a large range of Narguileh / Shisha tobacco flavours to be used in water pipes. Are you looking for an exotic flavour like Margarita or Double Apple? We have it! And if we don’t, we create it!

Here is a brief overview of our Shisha tobacco flavours:

  • double apple / Bahraini apple
  • plum
  • liquorice
  • cappuccino
  • energy drink
  • pina colada
  • strawberry on the rocks
  • banana split
  • vanilla cream

Are you looking for another tobacco flavour for water pipes? Do not hesitate to contact us. If we did not create it yet, we will now! Is Shisha tobacco flavour not what you are looking for? Then take a look at our other products. We also create flavours for cigarettes, e-cigarettes, cigarillos and many more.

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