E-cigarette flavours

The aim of the e-cigarette

Since its invention in 2003, the electronic cigarette, also known as e-cigarette or smokeless cigarette, has become increasingly popular. In order to meet the ever increasing demand, TAIGA has developed a special series of e-cigarette flavours.

An electronic cigarette is a tool to help people quit smoking. It mimics the smoking process by producing a vapour which gives a similar sensation as smoking a regular cigarette.

The aim of our e-cigarette flavours

Our series of e-cigarettes flavours tries to bring the smoking sensation as close to the same awareness as smoking a cigarette. We offer a large variety of different flavours, from traditional cigarette flavours to (un)usual food flavours, such as:

  • blended type top flavours
  • burley flavour
  • chocolate flavour
  • creamy coconut flavour
  • menthol flavour
  • Virginia top flavour types

and many more!

For more information about our e-cigarettes or other flavours, do not hesitate to fill in the contact form. Did you not find the flavour you are looking for? Our flavourists will happily create it.

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