Endless choice of cigarette flavours

At TAIGA International, you find an endless choice of cigarette flavours. Whether you are looking for toasting ingredients to enhance the toasted tobacco character or you want a subtle filter flavour, our flavourists make everything possible. They develop your desired cigarette flavour or casing for you and with you.

Here’s a small selection of our cigarette flavours:

  • burley toasting flavours
  • virginia casing enhancers
  • harshness reducers
  • oriental enhancers
  • overall casings for blended type cigarettes
  • blended type top flavours
  • virginia type top flavours
  • oriental type top flavours
  • filter flavours

Should you have any questions about our cigarette flavours, do not hesitate to contact us. If you did not find the flavour you are looking for, we are happy to create one tailored to your needs.