Tobacco flavouring

In today's tobacco world, flavouring a tobacco product is a demanding specialty to which our flavourists are highly devoted. Whether it concerns traditional top flavours, casings for tobacco products or developing smokeless tobacco products such as shishas, TPD 2 flavours conform Directive 2001 / 37 / EC, our devoted team time and again creates the exact flavour you like. In dialogue, our flavourists deliver a tailor-made solution for your application in line with today's legal requirements. Our flavourists are challenged every time to maintain traditional tobacco product tastes while adding subtleties in both taste and aroma.

More than just tobacco flavouring

TAIGA International offers more than just tobacco flavouring. Our services range from actual tobacco selection, blend development and cigarette design. Besides our expertise, we offer you flexibility, personal service and a commitment to deliver a successful product each and every time.

Broad variety of products and flavours

You can find a broad variety of products and flavours in our product range, such as shishas. If you can't find your flavour, we'll create one tailored to you specific needs.Tailor made to your specifications 

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information about tobacco or other flavouring.