Household fragrances

Are you looking for new and exciting household fragrances? TAIGA  International is, too! We continually seek to develop new fragrance ideas. Together with our in-house Research & Development department, our creative staff has made it their mission to create the exact fragrance you like.

From laundry detergents to shampoos

In today’s society, even the most simple household products must smell nice to a lot of customers. That is why the TAIGA team is constantly creating and developing new household fragrances for e.g. laundry detergents, fabric softeners, household cleaners and personal care products. We happily accept the challenge to meet the demanding consumer’s requirements.

Do you have a project coming and are you looking for a partner to develop that one special household fragrance? Do not hesitate to contact us! Our perfumery team is happy to listen to your ideas and to share theirs.