Household fragrances

Are you looking for new and exciting household fragrances? TAIGA  International is, too! We continually seek to develop new fragrance ideas. Together with our in-house Research & Development department, our creative staff has made it their mission to create the exact fragrance you like.

Our Fragrances

- Detergents / Laundry products (Jasmine, Lemon, Rose, Pine, Strawberry, ...)

- Toilet soaps (Green apple, Melon, Baby soap, Peach, Pineapple, ...)

- Liquid soaps / Hand wash (Cologne, Lavender, Lime, Marina, Citronella, ...)

- Cosmetics (Aloe vera, Tea rose, Cosmos, Bloom, Green Valley, ...)

- Talcum powders (Lavender fresh, Fresh lime, Rose petals, Floral bouquet, Magic, ...)

- Hair oil / Gels / Lotions (Fougere, Ayush, Jasmin, Coconut, Red rose, ...)