Sweet flavours

TAIGA International develops sweet flavours that are completely tailored to your needs. Appeal to our flavourists and get blown away by your own unique flavour.

Confectionary, biscuits and dairy

TAIGA is specialised in the creation and production of sweet flavours for confectionery and dairy products. Our team’s elaborate expertise and knowledge of different application fields allows us to develop that exact sweet flavour you are looking for. All your requirements are taken into account, such as legislative aspects and physical and sensory properties.

All our flavours resist each production process and will give your products the optimal flavour sensation. They are available in liquid or powder, are oil or water soluble and can be both natural or synthetic.

All order sizes possible

Thanks to our flexible production site, you can order as few or many quantities you need, from small order sizes to larger quantities. Moreover, all our sweet flavours can be kosher or halal certified.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information about our sweet or other flavours.