Food flavouring

TAIGA International supplies food flavouring for all your food products. Our experienced team gives its all to find the optimal flavour solution which is tailored to your specific needs.

Different types of food flavouring

At TAIGA International, we specialise in the creation and production of different types of food flavouring:

  1. Sweet flavours
    We create sweet flavours for confectionery and dairy products, such as sweets, ice cream, flavoured milk or yoghurt etc.
  2. Savoury flavours
    Our innovative team creates savoury flavours for soup or sauce applications, which come in different forms: instant, regular or canned. We are also well experienced in creating snack flavours.
  3. Flavours for bakery
    Besides sweet and savoury flavours, we also develop a selection of flavours for bakery, biscuits and  cakes. Our flavours are heat-resistant and can easily be processed by machine. We offer high-concentrated as well as low-concentrated natural and non-natural food flavours which are available in liquid and powder.

For more information about natural food flavouring, please fill in the contact form. We are happy to answer all your questions.